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Meet the Sullivan Renaissance Team

The Sullivan Renaissance team is made up of professionals with many years of experience in their fields. They offer technical assistance and support to volunteers, organizations and municipalities working on a variety of projects and initiatives to enhance the communities of Sullivan County.

Sandra Gerry's Vision

“My thoughts turned almost immediately to Sullivan County- why couldn’t we do something like that here?”

Sandra Gerry Chair, Sullivan Renaissance

Sandra and Alan Gerry

Sandra and Alan Gerry
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Lamp Post in Neversink

“I sincerely believe Sullivan Renaissance to be the single most important program ever undertaken in the history of Sullivan County.”

John Conway Sullivan County Historian

Sullivan Renaissance Staff

Denise Frangipane

Denise Frangipane, Executive Director, oversees the organization and operational activities of Sullivan Renaissance. She facilitates collaborations and represents Sullivan Renaissance through its many community partnerships. Denise also manages special projects and initiatives with a focus on healthy communities.

Tel. 845-295-2443 or email

Helen Budrock

Helen Budrock, Assistant Director and Community Planner, helps communities move beyond beautification to broader community development issues. She works primarily with the Municipal Partnership and Business Assistance Programs and coordinates the Community Development and Technical Assistance Grants.

Tel. 845-295-2462 or email

Kathleen Capozzoli

Kathleen Capozzoli, Fiscal Manager, oversees program budgeting, grant monitoring, and administering the merchant discount program. She also co-chairs the Annual Garden Tour with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County.

Tel. 845-295-2452 or email

Colleen Emery

Colleen Emery, Project Coordinator, oversees the public awareness campaign. She administers the Healthy Community Initiatives grant program, conducts research and manages special projects.

Tel. 845-295-2719 or email

Saraid Gonzalez

Saraid Gonzalez, Program and Events Coordinator, assists in planning and organizing program areas and activities and Renaissance events including the Annual Conference & Expo, Spring Forum and Awards Ceremony and seminars. She assists with the Business Assistance grant program. Saraid is bilingual and supports outreach to the Spanish speaking community.

Tel. 845-295-2402 or email

Carmela Hugel

Carmela M. Hugel, Horticulture Coordinator, assists in creating landscape designs, maintenance plans and best management practices for community beautification projects. She also works with other Sullivan Renaissance grant funded projects related to horticulture. Carmela supervises the seasonal garden crew.

Tel. 845-295-2453 or email 

Ari Mir-Pontier, Multicultural Program Manager, creates activities and programs that increase the participation of multicultural communities in Sullivan County, with a special focus on Spanish speaking individuals. She oversees the Bilingual Advisory Committee and develops gardening and horticulture classes for Spanish speaking individuals.

Tel. 845-295-2434 or email

Anne-Louise Scandariato

Anne-Louise Scandariato, Volunteer Program Manager, promotes community engagement through the recruitment, placement, and retention of volunteers. She leads the Renaissance Volunteer Corps and facilitates partnerships with organizations who can support the efforts of community volunteers.

Tel. 845-295-2405 or email 

Christy TerBush

Christy TerBush, Office Assistant, is the first point of contact for many interactions in person, via phone and e-mail. She responds to inquiries, provides clerical support to program staff and consultants, and assists with marketing and outreach.

Tel. 845-295-2404 or email

Diana Weiner

Diana K. Weiner, Horticulture Program Manager, oversees the Sullivan Renaissance horticulture program. She identifies and helps prioritize horticulture needs and resources for Sullivan Renaissance and communities involved in the beautification program as well as special community projects. Diana teaches gardening classes and is an annual judge for America in Bloom.

Tel. 845-295-2612 or email


Allen Frishman, Consultant, manages the Property Enhancement Grant Program and the Community Mitzvah Award Contest for Sullivan Renaissance.

Tel. 845-295-2441 or email