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Steering Committee

What does it take to enhance the appearance of Sullivan County, while awakening community pride? The goal of Sullivan Renaissance --in collaboration with the people who live and work and visit here--is to answer that question through action. To that end, the staff and steering committee of Sullivan Renaissance work hard to provide the resources and assistance to accomplish this.

Sandra Gerry's Vision

“My thoughts turned almost immediately to Sullivan County- why couldn’t we do something like that here?”

Sandra Gerry Chair, Sullivan Renaissance

Sandra and Alan Gerry

Sandra and Alan Gerry
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Lamp Post in Neversink

“I sincerely believe Sullivan Renaissance to be the single most important program ever undertaken in the history of Sullivan County.”

John Conway Sullivan County Historian

The Sullivan Renaissance Steering Committee

The Sullivan Renaissance Steering Committee is a distinguished group of volunteers dedicated to the success of the Sullivan Renaissance Program. These dedicated community leaders generously give their time and extraordinary talent to support the revitalization and beautification of Sullivan County. The Steering Committee has been instrumental in “raising the bar” to make Sullivan County a better place.

Steering Committee members act as Renaissance ambassadors, attend special events, monitor projects, help at community work days, recruit new projects, serve as technical advisors and participate in grant review. This is a group not afraid to get its hands dirty. Many of the members of the Steering Committee have been involved from the very beginning days… 14 years ago. Sullivan Renaissance is so grateful for their commitment!

Sandra Gerry Chair
Leni Binder Community Volunteer
Daniel Briggs Sullivan County Clerk
Kathy Davidoff Beaverkill Foundation
Gay Donofrio Perennial Gardens Landscaping
Cora Edwards Community Volunteer
Hon. Josephine Finn Village of Monticello Justice
Danielle Gaebel Co-Founder at
Ruby Gold Community Volunteer
Judy Green Community Volunteer
Cindy Kashan Vice President for Advancement, Partnerships and Community Learning, SUNY Sullivan
Jacquie Leventoff Senior Director, Community and Employee Relations, Granite Associates
Dali Levy Community Volunteer
Barry Lewis Executive Editor, Times Herald Record
Lorraine Lopez-Janove Executive Director, Human Rights Commission
Steve Melendez Community Volunteer
Klu Padu SUNY Sullivan
Cathy Paty President & CEO, Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce
Glenn Pontier Community Volunteer
Kristin Porter Director of Parks, Recreation & Beautification of SC
Joyce Salimeno-Gitlin Community Volunteer
Jerry Skoda Community Volunteer
Nicole Slevin Cornell Cooperative Extension Communications Manager
Fred Stabbert Publisher, The Sullivan County Democrat
Richard Sush Councilman, Town of Thompson
Jennifer Teitelbaum Community Volunteer
Jasmin Tejera Community Volunteer
Anna Lise Dyhr Vogel Community Volunteer
Rabbi Lawrence Zierler Sayva Associates